Aeroset : Our business

Our business

AEROSET specializes in manufacturing and supplying hardware and structural assemblies.

Launched in 2013, the French company is a part of the NIMROD GROUP.

It is located near Limoges in the center of France close to its sister companies ESM and AEROLYCE.

Currently the main customers are Dassault Aviation, Stelia Aerospace, and Airbus.

The company builds on the technology legacy of its sister companies, ESM, DETAMPEL, and DJP.

AEROSET optimizes its production cost because it focuses on the final phase of the structural assembling.

AEROSET receives complex and elementary parts from ESM and DETAMPEL, composite parts from DJP, and relies on AEROLYCE for surface treatment and painting. The logistic supply chain remains within the NIMROD GROUP of companies allowing for a more flexible response to client needs.

In the near future sub-assemblies will come from its best-cost sister company in Poland, AZURA POLSKA, before integration into larger structures at AEROSET, enabling optimization of logistics and costs.

Such in-house capabilities within the NIMROD GROUP remove the need for sub-contracting and promote the “one-stop shop” convenience to our customers.

Because it is a stand-alone unit, the quality of AEROSET products benefits from an orderly and dust-free working environment, shielded from the industrial machine-tool equipment of its sister companies.

AEROSET leverages all assets of the NIMROD GROUP and becomes a reference supplier in aero structures.