Detampel : Our business

Our business

According to customer technical specifications and associated 3D models Manufacture of sheet metal works and sub-assemblies are the heart of Detampel’s expertise.

Present in the Aerospace Industry, National Defense, Automotive and Industry, Detampel acquired all the qualifications required by the largest contractors in the European and North American aviation industry.

A diversified and production specialist

Manufacturing of tools, laser cutting, digital bending, deep drawing, forming, TIG welding, precision sheet metal work, our factory produces basic parts and sub-assemblies that can be directly jeux de sport integrated into the structures and systems implemented by our customers (i.e. helicopters nozzles, heat exchangers, fuel tank, basket refueling, engine cooling 908 Le Mans …)

In order to satisfy an increased requests from customers, Detampel diversifies and expands its product range by developing specific equipment such as heat treatment, deep drawing, titanium welding under argon and prototype development.

From design to production

Controlling the design, manufacture, assembly, technical support, and the expertise and qualifications, but also due to the flow control and production costs, Detampel offers a comprehensive solution of supporting all of the customer needs.