Nimrod Aerostructures : Our business

Our business: the sheet metal and deep drawing

Nimrod Aerostructures specializes in the development and production of detail parts and standard components.

Nimrod Aerostructures is one of the founding companies of the NIMROD GROUP.

Parts produced by Nimrod Aerostructures are installed on Airbus, Falcon and Rafale aircraft, contributing to their success.

The reputation of Nimrod Aerostructures is mainly attributable to both its extensive machine tool equipment, always at the cutting edge of technology, and to the high level of automation of its production line.
Key equipment includes:

  • 5-axis laser for cutting and welding, one of the fastest and most powerful on the market
  • Nadcap certified ovens
  • 4-axis machining center
  • Latest generation 6-axis breaking press

In early 2015 Nimrod Aerostructures moved into its new office building located in the Limoges area of France near to its sister company, AEROLYCE.

Nimrod Aerostructures productivity benefits not only from applying lean manufacturing principles but also from its two-step strategy:

  • First, during the initial phases of the product life cycle, Nimrod Aerostructures specializes in development, prototyping, and low rate production, working together with the customer.
  • Then, when the industrial process is mature, Nimrod Aerostructures transfers full-rate serial production to its “best cost” sister company in Poland, NIMROD AERO POLSKA.

With this overall strategy Nimrod Aerostructures delivers optimal responsiveness and value.

This is how Nimrod Aerostructures satisfies the rapidly expanding customer base, and strongly contributes to the development of the NIMROD GROUP.